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Living Mindfully.

Wellness programs for life! Acquiring the strategies and tools to live life mindfully.

A Mindful Way: wellness programs combining mindfulness and hypnosis to help you  develop a healthy relationship with your mind and body.


Mindfulness and Chronic pain

Program focus: Learning to enjoy life while living with chronic pain.

Program outline: Using the art of mindfulness to allow yourself the ability of living while in pain. By purposefully paying attention to the pain and learning to breathe through it, one will be able to live their life more fully and with purpose. Mindfulness allows you to focus on the pain while moving forward and giving relief.

Program sessions: 6 sessons/ each is approximaetly 1.5 hours in duration

Program pricing: $360

(maximum of 6 per class)

Mindfulness and Divorce

Program focus: Finding your way through divorce.

Program outline: Mindfulness is the art of paying attention in a particular way, purposefully and with intention. How could this help? In short, you would choose to pay attention to what is happening right now, not yesterday and not tomorrow, but now. You won't spend your time wondering what you ex is doing, or who he is with, or why his is doing xy and z, but you will think about what you are doing right now. It isn't easy, it doesn't come naturally and it definitely takes practice to get it right, but it is doable. With mindfulness it is possible.

Program Sessions: 7 sessions / each session is approximately 1.5 hour in duration.

Program Pricing: $400

Getting to The Root of Happiness

Program Focus: Living life for today!

Program Outline: Always worried about what was, what will be and what might be? Learn to live in the moment and become a happier you. Creating your inner balance takes patience, time and compassion, invest in yourself and take the time to laugh and learn new tools to a better way. Each session will include laughter, tips and tools to happiness and hypnosis to empower you on your journey.

Program Sessions: 4 sessions / each session is approximately 1.5 hours in duration

Program Pricing: $300

 (maximum of 6 per class)

Say Goodbye to Dieting!

Program focus: Healthy living, healthy eating

Program outline: By learning the strategies and tools to living life in a more mindful way, you will experience the benefits of eating right. Through laughter, good hearted living, hypnosis and compassion for yourself this course will leave you feeling empowered and confident with the new you. Changing your lifestyle with the help of hypnosis and mindfulness are your best chance for success. By implementing the most effective tools for long-term weight loss, no dieting, no restrictions, just mindful eating.

Program sessions: 8 sessions / each session is approximately 2 hours in duration

Program Pricing: $550

(maximum of 6 per class)

Living While You "Try"

Program Focus: Fertility

Program Outline: Have you been diagnosed with "unexplained infertility"? The desire to have a child can be a physically and emotionally challenging journey for women who are experiencing fertility issues.
Join our group in renewing trust in your body’s ability to conceive. Learn practical tools to help you manage your stress and emotions. Using mindfulness (compassion towards yourself) along with movement, breath and hypnosis, together in this safe environment we will provide you with tools to remain calm, patient, and in control throughout your fertility journey.

Program Sessions: 4 sessions / each session is approximately 2 hours in duration

Program Pricing: $400

(maximum of 6 per class)